to the telecoms and IT industries

Welcome to MRS Systems, the Professional tailored services organisation. A company who designs its services solutions to meet your company / project requirements.

MRS Systems was founded because we believe companies are looking for services professionals who can provide a high quality, flexible and reliable professional services to meet specific needs. Experience tells us each customers needs are different as are the priorities, the single element that does not change is the need to provide 100% customer satisfaction. MRS systems will deliver this and our commitment is if we don’t then we will refund your fees.

Mission Statement:

MRS Systems has been founded with intent to provide a range of professional services to our customers, tailored to their needs with a flexible approach. Offering high performance vendor agnostic network infrastructure services and solutions that meet customer needs and satisfy their goals.

We will listen and discuss each clients needs before working in partnership to develop and execute the required steps.


What We Do

Core Services

The core business of MRS Systems revolves around the Telecom and IT industry. We use our own specialised team to provide the following services:

Additional Services

In addition to our core services, MRS Systems has developed a partnership with Telcom UK to ensure a full suite of services can be provided through one single touch point. These additional services support:

  • Site surveys.
  • Path Surveys.
  • Warehousing and pre -kitting services.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Proactive & Preventative maintenance of radio networks.
  • Microwave radio refurbishment services.